In Praise Of Supermarket Playlists

I have a dirty little secret: I love the kind of 70s lite-fm played in supermarkets. And I only like it in supermarkets. Pumped in like a drug through the store's sound system and over the din of other shoppers, it's awesome. It's the best music ever and oh, do I need to add some Seals and Crofts to my iPod the second I get home -- but only in the context of shopping for foodstuffs. Any other time, well, it just sounds like the crappy adult-contempo your parents owned on eight-tracks in 1978.

I've noticed something else about grocery store music lately: lighter, contemporary alternative rock of my generation. In the past, this would have been called Triple-A (or adult album alternative), but now it just feels as though Shop-n-Save stole my iPod. Maybe it's just a symptom of getting older, but it's a bit of a jolt to hear The Killers in the dairy isle. (There was even a short-lived blog called Lost in the Supermarket documenting this phenomenon.) In the past month or so, I've heard Rufus Wainwright, Wilco, Jenny Lewis, and Camera Obscura. (But secretly I still love me some Jimmy Buffet.)


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