Pining For A One-Eyed Brit

He had a sexy accent, a steely, determined gaze, and he saved the day in his zippy car, of course I'm talking about... Danger Mouse! (The rodent not the DJ.) It's funny the things that get you through college, but those diminutive secret agents cheered me on many a day. If you don't know about Danger Mouse, he and his hamster sidekick, Penfold, were some of the coolest spies to ever grace the animated screen, airing from 1981 - 1992 (UK), and launching here in the US in 1984. They also had the best theme song EVER!

Sadly, merchandise celebrating Danger Mouse and company are hard to come by in the States so when I stumbled across these coffee mugs from a UK website I just knew I had to have some eye-patched heroes with my morning tea.

I wonder how much shipping will run? Crumbs, DM!

[image 1|image 2]

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