I'm Pretty Sure I Owe Americans An Apology

If you were old enough to watch television and retain any knowledge (and I use the term knowledge very loosely) of what you were watching and if you watched CBS, I may owe you an apology.

In my defense, I was a young child. I knew not what I was doing.

It all happened because we lived in New York. My parents, my older brother, and I were in the city for something or other and we happened to pass by the headquarters of CBS.

There was a person out front stopping people (perhaps singling out families) who asked us if we'd be willing to come in and screen a new TV show. Whatever our errand in the city at the time, either we'd already accomplished it or it wasn't that pressing because my parents said yes and we were led inside.

We were led to a small room with about 20 other people and given a small device with red and green buttons. Our instructions were simple. Watch the show and press the green when you like what you and press the red when you don't.

I'll be honest. I pressed green most of the time. Moments only of red pushing, but mostly green. (I'd like to remind you at this time that I was a young kid.)

The show? Brace yourselves. Or probably more correctly, get your Google fingers ready! It was Mr. Merlin. I watched the pilot on YouTube just before writing this to see if I remembered any of it and while I didn't remember anything specific, I immediately remembered the campiness of it.

I had a hand in putting this show on the air and it lasted 22 episodes. I'm so sorry. (Did I mention I was a little kid?)

On the plus side, all four of my family members were given a pen with the CBS eye on it. That was the coolest thing for me. (I was a little kid! Did I mention that?)


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