Oscar Winner Trent Reznor's Next Gig?

OK, I admit, I'm getting a huge kick out of the fact that Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor won an Oscar. I mean, in 1995 would you have guessed that?

Weird, angsty, long haired Trent Reznor. Oscar winner. All cleaned up in a tux and everything.

Anyway, I read something last night that tickled me even more.

Trent's likely to join both the cast and staff of the upcoming film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. HA! Trent as a vampire in a movie directed by the guy who did Wanted and in a vampire film with music written by Trent? Yes, please.

Also? The book's kind of hilarious. I actually think a film will be pretty entertaining. Am I alone in this thought?


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