Review: Mayday Parade's Valdosta EP

Last week, Mayday Parade released Valdosta, a six-song acoustic EP consisting of four remakes of songs spanning Mayday Parade's debut EP and two full-length albums as well as two new tracks.

The first track, "Amber Lynn," mixes violins and steel guitar to tell the story of a young man's love for a woman. Or he could be waiting for the restraining order she took out on him to expire ("Amber Lynn, I've got three days to keep away"). I'm still not sure. The four remakes didn't really do anything for me save "Jamie All Over," due to the group singalong in the song's break. But the best track on the EP is the finale, "Terrible Things," which starts out as a piano ballad before the rest of the band kicks in. A song about death, this is easily the most mature song on the EP.

Verdict: Hit up iTunes and download "Amber Lynn" and "Terrible Things" and save the rest of your money for the new album because if these two songs are any indication, it'll be worth waiting for.

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