A Separate Peace of Her Own: An Interview With Rachel Fine

When you talk to Rachel Fine, you get the warm reassuring feeling that she's someone you've known your entire life who's just calling to shoot the breeze and discuss her good fortune.

You see, while to a large segment of the population she is best known for her looks, humor, and sparkling personality, it's her musical talent that may knock you for a loop.

I recently spoke with her about her album, Own Your Own, and what it takes to stay a New York girl at heart.

Hi Rachel, how are you doing today?

I'd like to talk to you about your album Own Your Own. I took a listen to it and I'm getting a kind of moody Luscious Jackson combined with a throaty Karen Carpenter, '70s funky vibe off of it.
I love that! That's an awesome description, thank you!

It's quite a departure from what I'm used to listening to and I wanted to know who your main musical influences are?
Gosh, there's a LOT. Jill Scott meets Portished is how we usually describe the album, I also love that "new soul" thing. That quiet storm in the '70s kind of movement I love. Sort of dark moody pulsating music. Everything from Bill Withers to Herbie Hancock to more hip hop influences. Also love Fiona Apple.

Photo by Bennet Cobliner
You play in and around New York City quite a bit including a show at the Bitter End on Bleeker. Do you do that a lot? I've seen tons of footage of your live performances. Are you going to take that on the road outside of the city?
Right now I'm keeping it in New York because I'm so busy with other projects and also it's the most convenient for the band, but we've got a nice following overseas and I'd love to do some touring so hopefully later in 2011 and early 2012 we'll look at doing some stuff outside the US.

You've belted out quite a few National Anthems during your singing career. What did you think about the Christina Aguilera word-flubbing incident?
I felt for her. I absolutely felt for her. It is a tough song, the song spans an octave and a half and it's difficult to sing. She wasn't using a prompter. Knock on wood that I've never flubbed a lyric since it's a song that everyone knows and they would catch it, but I really feel for her because it's a mortifying experience. I messed up my own lyrics to my own songs on stage which I hope people don't really notice as often and you try to cover and rhyme in your head and figure out some way to get through it. But on a song that everyone knows like that, I'm sure she was mortified. You just have to keep going. My heart goes out to her.

Photo by Bennet Cobliner
Own Your Own was your debut album but you also do much more. Which would you say you are more passionate about the music or television?
You know they are kind of satisfying in different ways.Pretty soon we are going to work on another album. We've got 3-4 songs in the can at this point that are written but not recorded so we are definitely evolving from the first album even though we have the same kind of influences. They've taken a turn and we've grown as artists. My musical producer Timothy Schletter and myself -- he composes and I write lyrics -- we've evolved towards where we want to go for the next album and I'm really excited about that. Certainly there's more touring and stuff to do for this album before we really buckle down on the second one. And as far as which I prefer more, I mean it's tough to say. There's a true artistic outlet for me in the music. The television stuff is just really fun. I enjoy the hell out of it and I laugh all day long, it's a blast. If I could hang out and be anywhere it would be doing the TV stuff.

The music to me comes more when I need an outlet. Something that when I'm in a tough place or an emotional time in my life it's something I can turn to in order to get through so it's more my therapy. Something that is really fulfilling on a whole different level.

You are a New Yorker. Would you ever consider up and moving out to Los Angeles or are you going to keep it real and stay in the five boroughs?
I'm a borough girl, but I did live in LA for a short period of time and if I need to go back there I will, but my heart is in New York right now. I just love it. I love the passion, I love the energy, I love the people. I can't imagine my life in LA right now. Maybe be a few years down the road but not right now, I'm loving the city too much.

Yeah, I'm with you and Woody Allen on this one which is why would I move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light. Now it's time for the Culture Brats 3! Purple Rain or Thriller?
Purple Rain.

16 Candles or Pretty In Pink?
Oh , tough one. Actually Breakfast Club is my favorite in that era, but I would say of those two it would have to be 16 Candles.

Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?
I'm definitely going to say Tiffany because I used to have the most bad ass choreographed dance to "I Think We're Alone Now" that I used to perform for my whole family on a regular basis. So totally Tiffany.

You don't happen to have that on video do you?
No, thank god.

One last question before we part, there was quite a campaign going on to have you appear in Maxim. Any more progress with that one?
Oh my gosh, so funny! I think if were ever to happen I would love to do it. This group of Facebook fans who I love have been pushing really hard for this for awhile and I'll tell you what, if Maxim calls, I'll answer. I'd love to do it. It would be a huge honor. My father appreciates that they are pushing for Maxim not Playboy. My dad started a rival Facebook group called Rachel Fine Superfans Want Her To Pose For Turtleneck Quarterly to keep me dressed at all times.

Thanks for talking to us today!
Thanks and take care!

Want more Rachel Fine? Visit her official site, her MySpace page, her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter. You can also watch her on TV.

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