First Listen: Norwegian Recycling, "Lights"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "There are two mashup artists that are head and shoulders above all others: Girl Talk and Norwegian Recycling." So I'm very excited to announce that Norwegian Recycling dropped a new song today, "Lights."

Unlike most mashup artists, Peter Bull Enger of Norwegian Recycling does not just put the music of two or more songs together. He takes vocals from several tracks, mashes them together, to create entirely new lyrics. He grabs a word from this artist, a word from that artist, and he puts it together seamlessly.

Anyway, his new track contains samples from the following songs:
  • Kanye West feat. Rihanna, "All Of The Lights"
  • Baby Bash featuring T-Pain, "Cyclone"
  • Blink 182, "All The Small Things"
  • Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me"
  • Foo Fighters, "Learn To Fly"
  • Chris Brown, "Yeah 3x"
  • Lady Gaga, "Paparazzi"
  • Modjo, "Lady"
  • Muse, "Starlight"
  • Pendulum, "The Island"
  • Rihanna featuring Slash, "Rockstar"
  • The Killers, "Mr. Brightside"
Cool list, huh? Ok. I'll shut up now and let you hear "Lights:"

And if you like it as much as I do, you can download it here.

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