In Which My Husband Will Have Kittens

I'm gonna have to break my husband's heart today, which is a shame since it's his birthday.

Not only is Relativity Media looking to remake the 1990s cult classic film, The Crow, they're apparently in talks with Bradley Cooper to star as the lead. Yes, you read that right, Bradley Cooper would replace Brandon Lee. Now I, like a lot of women and gay men, think that Bradley is smoking hot. I'm not against seeing him supersized and shirtless on a big screen. I'm really, really not. But as Eric Draven? Really? Also, do we really need to remake this? I mean, there have been what, 4 movies and a TV series and the original comic book series.


Incidentally, I didn't even know that this sequel existed and it looks ridiculously bad and now I want to watch it. I mean, Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, and David Boreanaz supported by Emmanuel Chriqui and Danny Trejo?! God I hope that's on Netflix Instant on a night when I'm home alone with alcohol.

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