The Essential End Of The World Mix Tape

This was originally posted on May 20, 2011, back when the world was supposed to end. Didn't happen. So since it's scheduled to end again tomorrow, we thought we'd dust it off and bring it back.

According to some nutjob guy, the end of the world is nigh. THE RAPTURE IS UPON US (um, tomorrow actually) and right now thousands of people are on their knees praying. You know, just in case. Me? I owned my heathen status years ago so in lieu of making Jesus my personal savior, I make mixes. Because we need something to dance to while the world is burning, amirite?

So in no particular order, my choice of songs for the end of the world. Share them with the non-believers you love. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments.

Elvis Costello, "Waiting for the End of the World"

"Dear Lord, I really hope you're coming 'cause you really started something."

U2, "Until The End Of The World"

Not exactly a true end of the world song but it's in the title and who am I to argue with Bono?

Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter"

The Stones will still be touring after the Apocalypse to a sold out show of 50,000 cockroaches. You heard it here first.

Muse, "Apocalypse Please"

According to the mighty Wikipedia, "Drummer Dominic Howard described the song as 'a very theatrical song about religious fanatics and their wish that their prophecies come true.'" Good enough for me.

Europe, "The Final Countdown"

I don't know about about heaven but I'm pretty sure this is what hell sounds like. But I couldn't not include it.

Pink Floyd, "Goodbye Blue Sky"

I don't know about you, but this is what I'll be humming when the fire starts falling from the heavens and the skies go black.

Blondie, "Rapture"

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around"

No doubt about it, if the Man in Black hasn't been called to heaven yet, if there is a Rapture after all he will be on Saturday.

Tom Lehrer, "We Will All Go Together When We Go"

This may seem like an odd choice but when and if the Rapture comes the nonbelievers can either cry or have a sing-along, so... Sing it with me! WE WILL ALL GO TOGETHER WHEN WE GO!

The Clash, "London Calling"

Honey, there's some London person on the phone. I don't know why they're calling, something about the zombies of death? Fine, I'll take a message.

AC/DC, "Highway To Hell"

It's the End of Time? Sweet! Road trip!

The Doors, "The End"

I don't know how the world will end but apparently there's a snake and a blue bus and... Aw forget it.

R.E.M., "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

Last but not least, the number one song on my list. All together now... LEONARD BERNSTEIN!

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