CD Review: TimPermanent, Marker

TimPermanent is a new artist who plays around with sounds in an electro-pop format. He has an EP out called Marker that I've been listening to for a bit now. The first track, "Extraordinary," is a short, mellow, little ditty that on first play reminded me of Owl City. Most of the album has a chill, electrovibe to it. That said, his track, "Alkaline" is a lovely stripped down piano track. It's probably my favorite on the EP.

His official marketing blurb is actually kind of interesting:
Early work with the French horn and clarinet led this self-taught vocalist and guitarist to attend a conservatory for performing arts in NYC. TimPermanent co-founded the band Testosterone Kills, signed to Fortified Records with a mission to advance the artistic progression of the gay artist community.

TimPermanent's solo music is a blend of electronic avant-pop elements and an axiomatic lyrical sense. His debut album Record was released in an unconventional format—a USB Jump Drive—and contained 14 songs written, produced, performed and recorded by TimPermanent himself.

A dash of whimsy and the peculiar propels TimPermanent to fearlessly experiment with his music and embrace his individuality. Engaging and lyrically motivational, he guides the listener toward optimism and the fulfillment of each person’s unique life purpose.

In addition to opening for Fantasia, Deborah Cox and Adam Lambert at LA Pride 2009, TimPermanent has also played the infamous Sunset Strip’s Viper Room, Roxy, and Key Club. Currently, he is promoting his 2011 EP Marker.
It's a lot less cynical that most marketing that you read. I kind of dig the idea. He also did a lovely "It Gets Better" video for the Trevor Project.

The EP is out on iTunes for $4.99. If you like Owl City, Imogen Heap, or even maybe Ian Axel or Jason Mraz, you should check out TimPermanent.

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