Book Review: The People Of Burning Man: Portraits Of Revolutionary Spirits

I admit I'd never heard of Burning Man before, but I love photography and love to see others' visions in print. If you've ever thought you were unique and anti-establishment, most of us will find that we are not that unusual when we look at this book.

Though not for those who are offended by the human body in any natural form (and some less than natural forms), this collection of portraits celebrates humanity in all of its strangeness. There are traditional portraits contrasted with the same people in all their artistic beauty. There are multiple photos of the same person, though you would not recognize him as the same person if you were not told.

If you are interested in photography, people, art, uniqueness, the human body as art, even the strangeness of humanity, this book is worth checking out. Each pose is as interesting as the person depicted.

If you're inspired to attend the Burning Man festival, sorry to say that it is sold out this year, but you can experience a tiny part of it in The People Of Burning Man: Portraits Of Revolutionary Spirits.

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