Fun Fact About Doctor Beverly Crusher

Thanks to Netflix Instant I've been recently addicted to watching every episode of Star Trek: Next Generation. (Yes, I know, geeky, shut up.) And watching these episodes reminded me of a fun fact.

Gates McFadden, the red headed Doctor Beverly Crusher, was actually a dancer before she started acting. She actually choreographed the movement for two of my all-time favorite films from the '80s: the characters in the film The Dark Crystal (the creepy Skeksis? McFadden's movement work) and the dance sequences in Labyrinth.

I found this out some years ago when playing with the special features on my DVD copy of The Dark Crystal. There's an interesting bit on the development of the puppets and a super young McFadden (who then went by her first name, Cheryl, rather than her middle name, Gates) was all dolled up in dance gear and was going over some techniques.

Enough typing, back to Trek watching.


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