I'm Not Falling For It Again, Paranormal Activity

As I've mentioned before, I'm kind of a wimp about horror movies. A few years ago, the makers of Paranormal Activity actually talked me out of seeing the flick in the theaters by selling it as the scariest movie ever made. When I finally watched the DVD at home (with every light in the house on), I soon realized what an overblown sentiment the marketing department fed me.

The trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 was creepy because they put a baby in jeopardy, which to a parent is a sure-fire way to raise our pulse. But word on the street was that PA2 was more of the same: kinda slow and not really scary.

Yesterday, I saw the trailer for PA3 in the theater. I'm going to discuss the trailer below, but you should watch it first:

Welcome back.

I have to admit that the first half of the trailer was startlingly effective. When they got to the "Bloody Mary" part, I found myself creeping toward the edge of my seat. The theater I frequent is really dark, so there was a point when all you can see is the red dot of the girls' video camera. The tension was building in such a great way that I found myself thinking, they've finally done it, they've finally created a truly scary Paranormal Activity movie. The fake scare was great and then...nothing. The end totally deflated every ounce of tension that had been built. It was a total let down that wasn't really scary or that interesting, especially in spite of the other PA movies.

So nice try, Paranormal Activity, you almost got me but you ended up letting me down again.  And if you can't get a movie wimp like me to be scared, you're not working hard enough.

What do you think, was it scary?

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