Who Would Put Baby in a Corner AGAIN?

If you're a female of a certain age you pretty much have to admit that you watched Dirty Dancing 3,897,275 times, especially after it came out on VHS. (Yeah, I said it. VHS. What?) I know I wanted to be Frances "Baby" Houseman, even with her awkwardness. Who wouldn't have wanted to hook up with Johnny? He was both bad and good. Swoon!

So I hear that Lions Gate Entertainment is in the works for a Dirty Dancing remake, directed by Kenny Ortega, the choreographer of the original film. The early buzz indicates it will be released in 2013.

I'm not sure how I feel about this remake. Who could play Johnny as well as the late, great Patrick Swayze? (And who could crinkle his nose as cute as him?) Who could play Baby with as much adorable awkwardness as Jennifer Grey (pre-nose job)?

I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the original.


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