Romancing The Stone Lives Again

I'd been ignoring the news that there was a potential remake of the Robert Zemeckis film, Romancing the Stone, under discussion, largely because it involved replacing Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas with Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler, and that's just all kinds of wrong.

Well it turns out the movie project has been killed (yay!) but it's now being optioned by NBC to be reworked as a television series. And the pilot is being directed by Sean Levy (who also directed Night At The Museum).

Instead of going to Columbia, the premise is that the two leads will be traveling the globe looking for Ms. Wilder's missing brother. There's a good chance that the show won't happen for a variety of reasons. I just watched the original film on Netflix Instant a few weeks ago and it was as charming as I'd remembered from my childhood. I hope this thing doesn't see the light of day.

How about you? Ready for more adventures of the writer and the treasure hunter?


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