Run, Logan, Run

Apologies to our newest writer Jay, because this news might break his heart. There's a remake of Logan's Run in the works. Now, before you get all full of rage, it might not suck. Honest. Stay with me here.

The remake is slated to feature Ryan Gosling and is being directed by Nicholas Winding Refn. Besides having a totally awesome name, Refn's getting some incredibly good buzz lately for a soon to be released film called Drive, which also stars Ryan Gosling.

I only vaguely remember this film. The bits that I remember are VERY 1970s, the costumes especially. And I know some people (aka uber-geeks) have complained that it didn't follow the book very well.

So, movie nerds, if they remake this and stay closer to the book, do you think it's worth a look? I have to say, I never paid much attention to Ryan "The Notebook" Gosling but I recently saw Crazy, Stupid, Love and man I'm watching now. (The mostly nekkid didn't hurt.)


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