SmackTalk Victim: LMFAO, "Sexy And I Know It"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It." Hope ya love it!

Archphoenix: Is this the evil twin version of Meneudo? Or some kind of hideous Meneudo/Jersey Shore hipster ironic mashup?

CroutonBoy: Allow me to be the first to yell out "SIDESHOW BOB!"

Didactic Pirate: Twenty seconds in, and already I can't tell if this is supposed to ironic or not.

Archphoenix: Wilmer Valderrama?! Oh Fez, why aren't you still working? Maybe this is why?

Chris: We all know where this is headed: a "Beat It" switchblade dance-off in a warehouse somewhere.

CroutonBoy: Grandma, what are you doing hanging out with those punks? They only like you because you share your prescriptions. (0:39)


Dufmanno: By HEDGEHOG, I’ll assume you mean Ron Jeremy, Chris. How you are so familiar with him that you guys go by nicknames, we’ll discuss later.

Didactic Pirate: Explain to me how Ron Jeremy could looked that shocked about anything at this point in his life.

Didactic Pirate: The Sharks and Jets throw down! This is just like West Side Story. Except gross.

Archphoenix: Oh Fez just totally got his West Side Story gangsta snaps on!

Chris: Am I the only one wishing someone would do the Pee Wee?

CroutonBoy: Tequila!

CroutonBoy: Correction. Coyote Ugly. And I do mean ugly.

CroutonBoy: Is that a zipper on his crotch? I'll bet there's serious scrotal scarring under there.

Archphoenix: Ok, that blonde chick's face is priceless. It's what we're all thinking.

CroutonBoy: It's the chick from the Thompson Twins! This video has everybody!

CroutonBoy: ....and now it's time to avert my eyes.

Dufmanno: For the first time in SmackTalk history, I am speechless. Is this sack swinging dance off customary for men?

Didactic Pirate: Yes, Duff. Guys duke it out like this all the time. Mainly in low-rent gay bars, though.

CroutonBoy: Wait, where the hell did he pull that from!?! If it's from where I think, I'd call that a super-power!

Chris: What the hell's going on down there that he needs to double bag it?

CroutonBoy: Those are called Onion Shorts. Just keep peeling.

Didactic Pirate: Ron Jeremy does the lephrechaun dance. Proving he's still a sexy mutha... lepa.

CroutonBoy: Nothing makes me happier than knowing that Ron Jeremy and I have something in common. We both dance the same.

Archphoenix: Ok, I am rather impressed that the guy could do a one-handed handstand while ripping off his stripper pants. That's talent, friends.

CroutonBoy: Man, they would have really stuck the landing with a little Vincent Price laughter. Alas the East German judge only gives a 5.5.

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