SmackTalk Victim: Meital Dohan's "Yummy Boyz"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Meital Dohan's "Yummy Boyz." Hope ya love it!

Dufmanno: I can already tell that this video will have educational value or historical significance.

Jett Superior: Yes. Abe Lincoln is the epitome of hotness.

Archphoenix: There is nothing "so hot" about this shirtless Napolean.

A Vapid Blonde: Napolean reminds me of just about every *lady* I dealt with this summer. Pursing his lips and showing off his... chesticles.

Jett Superior: Nope, never wanted to see the bare torso of Napoleon Bonaparte. Or one of his unattractive lookalikes.

Chris: Is this Point Break?

Didactic Pirate: No, it's the cheapest group of Chippendale's dancers ever.

Didactic Pirate: I take it back. It's the perviest history lesson ever.

Jett Superior: So far the best thing about this video is those yellow leather legwarmers.

Didactic Pirate: Does anyone else think she looks like a slutty Charlize Theron? Little bit?

Dufmanno: She was very dismissive of Jesus. That’s going to have grave consequences later on in this video when he smites her.

Archphoenix: Ladies, despite what Lady Gaga has taught us, underwear is NOT "walking around" clothing. It breaks my heart too, but pants are required for life.

Chris: Ladies, do not listen to Archphoenix.

Dufmanno: Why can’t I shake the feeling that she is going for a dime store version of Evan Rachel Wood but she’s falling dangerously short of that goal? Also? There is a garden gnome at this mythical creatures' office meeting.

Jett Superior: I can't believe that one single person on set didn't rip those arms from you people and beat you with them.

Weirdgirl: Do you notice how the guys are super hot but the girls are only cute and briefly on screen? Someone is insecure about sharing her spotlight.

Archphoenix: So she rips off a guy's arm, dances around it like it's a stripper pole, and it's the dummy arm that's being naughty?

Jett Superior: Yellow leather legwarmers still the best thing about this video.


Weirdgirl: There's Vagisil for that. Unless it's a new method for treating crabs. Oh, BURN!

Jett Superior: You know fire crotch isn't a thing to aspire to, right? Like, it's not laudable?

Didactic Pirate: Ok, that guy does look a *little* like Obama. Which makes me sad that this video gig may be the pinnacle of his impersonation career.

Weirdgirl: This chick has a very strange idea of what will fly in America.

Chris: This is the worst porno ever.

Archphoenix: Oooh, rocket boots! I wonder if Gaga has those?

Dufmanno: I’m getting patriotic presidential overtones here again.

Weirdgirl: YES!! She's leaving!

Jett Superior: Oh good. Maybe like a real rocket the parts will separate and most will be destroyed on re-entry.

Archphoenix: Costume change! Angry red-haired dominatrix Gaga wannabe ACTIVATE!

Didactic Pirate: Ke$ha, meet your low-rent, Yugoslavian cousin.

Chris: This is also the worst bachelor party ever.

Archphoenix: Wait, did bin Laden just pop out of a cake to start dancing with Obama? Oh that is NOT tasty, nor is it yummy.

Didactic Pirate: Party in the War Room! Sweet! Break out the Jager shots!

Weirdgirl: Am I the only one who feels like this is one long extended video of Village People wannabes?

Jett Superior: The 'so-so-so hot' subliminal riff is not working on me. I think you're a doofus being bounced around by actors working for scale.

Weirdgirl: Worst. Career move. Ever.

Jett Superior: I want to see the yellow leather legwarmers again.

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