You Want Me So Bad, It's Like Acid In Your Mouth

I got really salty last night when I read that the people behind the Blade Runner and Total Recall remakes are now gunning for Point Break. A sequel has been rumored for ages now, but it's gone nowhere. But this sounds like it might have some legs.

And they want to replace "surfing" with "the world of international extreme sports."


Ten things that are awesome about Point Break:

1. Keanu's acting and line delivery.
2. Patrick Swazye as a zen surfer bank robber. Brilliant.
3. Gary Busey is in it.
4. Lori Petty is in it.
5. It was directed by a chick. A chick who recently won an Oscar.
6. Amazingly quotable dialogue. Seriously. Don't get me started.
7. It introduced me to the word "brah."
8. John C. McGinley's lines.
9. There's a Red Hot Chili Pepper (Anthony Kiedis) in it.
10. The little hand says that it's time to rock.

This movie is so epic it's been adapted for the stage. Called Point Break: LIVE!, it is a hilarious comedy with audience participation. Their schtick is brilliant: every performance they cast the Keanu from the audience and he (or she) gives it their Keanu best with lines read off of cue cards. It's amazing. If it comes to your city, go see it.

Incidentally, The Fast & The Furious is essentially a remake of Point Break, but with cars. Can't we just be happy with the 4857 versions of that franchise instead?

Who can replace Keanu, Busey, and Swayze? I bet that Taylor Lautner kid gets cast.

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