Return Of The Beauty And The Beast

CBS is bringing a remade version of the 1980s televison show, Beauty And The Beast to the CW network. The original starred Linda Hamilton (that's Sarah Connor to you!) as the beauty and a heavily made-up Ron Perlman as the beast. It was cheesy and weird and involved sewer people so young me loved it. I'm pretty sure I'd be horrified by it today though. It's on Netflix Instant so I think I'm going to have to do some watching soon.

Here's where it gets weird(er), because they're adding a procedural twist to the revamp. So the beast is a cop? Or lawyer? Or a CSI tech something? How's that work? Wasn't Linda Hamilton a lawyer in the original? Maybe she fights crime and the beast is like Batman? It just sounds strange, and by that I mean lame.

What I think is kind of funny is that there's ANOTHER beauty and the beast show in development on another station, but that's a chick in a castle show.

Is anyone really jonesing for a remake? I'm waiting for the Airwolf reboot myself. Or a Snorks revival. Those I'd watch.


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