Jonah Hill Is Everywhere

Lately I've been haunted by Jonah Hill. Dude seems to be everywhere I turn lately - I even had a dream in which I was supposed to go out on a date with him, which is weird since I'm married. Anyway, Jonah's latest film, The Sitter, opens in a couple of weeks. And it's basically a remake of Adventures In Babysitting, but it's very R-rated. Here's the incredibly not safe for work red band trailer, that opens with an interview of Jonah with some of the kids:

They're saying it's not a remake, but that's it's "inspired by" Adventures In Babysitting, but y'all, there's a scene that looks like it's in a blues club. The Sitter is directed by the same man that brought us Pineapple Express, and features Ari Graynor, who is hilarious in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Sam Rockwell is listed as having a part in the film, and I kind of love him. But overall, this trailer left me cold. You?

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