Book Review: Postcards From Divine

Who among us didn't love Divine? The hair, the sequin-encrusted frocks, the stiletto heels, the meticulously teased wigs, the... wait, do I see a hand raised in protest in the back?

Someone throw a lucite shoe at that dissenter!

Did you feel that, Negative Ned? That is the sensation of complete wrongness righted with the power of violence. Now sit down and keep that hand placed firmly at your side while we all bask in the warm glow of my review.

Where were we? Ah yes, Noah Brodie, Dan Marshall, Frances Milstead, and Michael O'Quinn's Postcards From Divine, the newly released book that features never before seen postcards and photos collected over the years by family and friends while the outrageously popular and magnificent Glenn Milstead traveled the world and entertained the masses.

It may seem a little odd that someone who lived so fully and loudly had time to toss off a postcard from nearly every port of call and city visited during a life jammed full of touring and movies, but that's a large part of the enjoyable warmth of this book which features personal stories from the likes of John Waters, Deborah Harry, Lainie Kazan, and others recalling the man behind all the glitz. His cult status, achieved after numerous apperances in John Waters' fabulous films, helped fuel a recording career and earned him a fan base that would come out to watch his touring cabaret show year after year.

Part of the eye popping brilliance of being Divine was clearly the understanding that he was one of a kind and perhaps one of the most heartwarming things about this collection of correspondences and rememberences is the thoughtfulness and love he sends to his parents in every word he writes.

Postcards From Divine is available now.

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