Seven Questions In Heaven With Surf Club

These guys are practically in my backyard and the sound is so Californian I actually got a bit nostalgic. If you can be nostalgic while, you know, still living here and jumping around to infectious, fast-paced tunes. From Stockton, CA, the guys of Surf Club spent Seven Questions In Heaven with us. Let's go to the beach, bitches!

Describe your music for our readers who may not be familiar with you.
Frankie Soto: We play fast, fun, pop music.

Eddie Zepeda: It's just pop.

Jose Medina: Jangly.

Alfonso Robles: It's hella noisy.

Who are your musical influences and idols?
FS: There's so much. A lot of friends influence me. I like a lot of current artists and a lot of old. A lot of Sarah Records stuff and also a lot of Slumberland stuff from the '90s and now. I'm also a huge fan of that band Abe Vigoda. Have been for so long.

EZ: The first bands Frankie and I ever bro'd out over were Modest Mouse and Algernon Cadwallader. I also grew up on a lot of Motown stuff because of my parents. Tons of new stuff too, though.

JM: I've always been a sucker for jazz drumming. Some that I admire are those like Dave Weckl, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith. All great drummers.

AR: it's hard to narrow it down. We basically listen to everything. A lot of local bands when we first started writing music were a big influence on me. My idols are probably The Beach Boys, though.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Safaeian
What was the first album, cassette, or CD you bought with your own money?
FS: I was in first or second grade and I bought Millennium by the Backstreet Boys at Target with a little bit of birthday money I had saved up.

EZ: My older brother took me to the great mall in Milpitas and I bought Still In The Game by Keith Sweat.

JM: The very first album I bought was Loud, Fast Ramones by the Ramones.

AR: I flew to Denver to visit family in 8th grade and bought Good News by Modest Mouse. it had just come out and was the best purchase I have ever made.

Considering that you're not very near a beach, how did you get into a surf music sound?
FS: We started this band last summer(summer 2011) and we were taking alot of trips to Santa Cruz.

EZ: Almost every weekend.

JM: The sound kinda stuck.

AR: Listening to the The Beach Boys too much.

Do you think surf music is making a comeback? Do you think this is still primarily a California sound or is it spreading?
FS: That sort of sound is always going to be there. I think were starting to drift away from it a bit though with the new songs that we are writing.

EZ: I'm not too sure. It might just be a Cali thing.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Safaeian

Do any of you surf?
FS: Hahaha. I can't even swim.

EZ: I learned to body board last summer and this summer, my friend Mondo is teaching me to surf. Takin' baby steps.

JM: I dont really like the water but the closest i get to surfing is probably skateboarding.

AR: I tried once and it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done but Eddie and I longboard sometimes.

If you had a chance to live anywhere, where would it be?
FS: I would probably want to live in the city. Preferably the Bay area or Seattle, too. I have some good friends up there.

EZ: I've always wanted to live in a cabin in the woods in front of a lake and it snows in the winter like in the movies.

JM: I would have to say somewhere in the Bay, preferably Berkeley. if you really mean anywhere, then maybe Canada or Spain.

AR: Im from the Bay area but I've lived in the valley for so long now I'm like used to it but I wouldn't mind moving back to the Bay area.

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