Triple Your Pleasure

I think we can all agree that Twins is obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger's greatest film accomplishment, am I right?

Entertainment Weekly just confirmed that a sequel, entitled Triplets, is currently in the works. The kicker? The third, heretofore missing son is slated to be played by... Eddie Murphy.

Arnie, Danny, and Eddie. Yes please.

Also from that EW article, did you know that Twins was Schwarzenegger's highest grossing comedy and one of the most successful films for both Danny DeVito and director Ivan Reitman? That's kind of insane.

I'd love to see Eddie Murphy get back into, you know, watchable adult comedy. Maybe he was good in that Tower Heist flick that just came out but this seems like a perfect Murphy reboot vehicle. Who's with me in thinking that this has potential to be really very funny, or possibly the worst thing put to film? I don't think there's a lot of middle ground here.


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