When Dirty Star Trek Fanfiction Becomes A Runaway Best Seller: An Interview With Kitty Glitter

Oh, he has something to smile about alright.
When you hear a book titled Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine, do you think, my god, I must read that right away? Word of mouth, and perhaps honest curiosity, has made the aformentioned Kindle single appear on the top ten bestseller list on Amazon.com. And that's no measly feat: Kindle has sold more than two million Kindle singles to date.

The short story, which follows the adventures of Wesley Crusher (the character played by Whil Wheaton on Star Trek: The Next Generation, duh) and his partner in crime Meow Solo (think of Han Solo crossed with a LOLcat), written by Kitty Glitter, has been discussed on blogs and tumblr and such since it appeared on Regretsy and mentioned by much-trafficked websites io9 and The Awl. Wil Wheaton, the man that brought Wesley Crusher to life, has even tweeted about it.

Of course, I gave it a go. (Was there even a question if I would read it or not?) Unfortunately (or possibly fortunate to some), the title is the smuttiest part of the book, even though inter-species coitus and defiling of the corpses of teenagers in a convenience store are part of the plot. To wonder if this is a "good" book is not a way to judge it; it needs to be judged not in direct comparison with most literature. What I read was not necessarily something that Oprah would endorse; what I read was a pure, unrestricted, ode to sci-fi in which I could tell the author had a blast writing.

Speaking of the author, just who is this overnight sensation named Kitty Glitter? According to her Amazon author page, "Her husband, Champagne, is doing 15 years upstate and she is trying to raise five kids by herself. On top of working three jobs Kitty is trying to sell some ebooks." Glitter's other works include A Case Of Dicklessness, in which "Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes's son track down Jack the Ripper with the help of the douchiest horse ever" and My Red Self, my personal favorite, in which "A smear of vaginal blood comes to the aid of a bullied teenage girl." I think this is the start of a new genre.

I couldn't help myself from emailing the author, and she was more than willing to answer a few questions:

Are you surprised by the attention that Wesley Crusher is getting?
I am really surprised. A lot of it was because of Regretsy and the people on there trying to make it go #1. They got it to #9 so that was pretty awesome. In the last few days a ton of articles have been published about the story too and that has been pretty entertaining for me. I loved reading all of them.

Right now I am actually listening to a podcast from File Under Horrible that talks about my book, that is pretty exciting.

Have you got any negative attention from it? How do you deal with that?
I get a lot of bad criticism, people who think I am the worst writer ever. I don't really mind any negative attention. I find that just as entertaining as the good comments. As long as people keep buying it and talking about it, that's all I care about.

What was the inspiration to write it? Why Star Trek?
The inspiration was a joke on that old show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment about Star Trek High being a series that would focus on Wesley Crusher. I have always been into Star Trek and liked the character of Wesley Crusher.

How did you feel about Whil Wheaton acknowledging it?
That was pretty cool. I am not like a big fan of him or anything and it just kind of seemed inevitable that he would acknowledge it at some point. I'd be excited if Katy Perry was into it. I love her.

What other fictional characters would you like to or plan on writing about?
I would like to write stories about Zooey Deschanel with kittens and unicorns. I would love to write about Streaky the Supercat. If I could legally, I would write a huge novel about Streaky the Supercat. I love that character. The Snorks too, I would love to do a sexed up version of the Snorks where All-Star commits suicide in one episode.

I have a great idea for a sequel to the John Cryer movie Hiding Out. It would work so well and would involve Keith Coogan's character going undercover as an alley cat amongst other things, but it would mainly be a brutal revenge movie that builds on the events of the first Hiding Out movie. It would definitely give John Cryer a chance to like take on a challenging and dark sort of role.

Has the popularity of WCTFM allowed you to get your other books more attention? What are you currently working on?
Yeah it has. It's been really great, people have been buying all my other books and giving them good reviews so far. Especially the Sherlock Holmes one.

I am currently working on a story called "Ghostly Ellis-Bextor" and an ongoing series about an all girl Chipmunk band called The Wet Clits. That is inspired by my favorite cartoon Alvin And The Chipmunks. The Chipettes were so awesome!

Who are your writing inspirations?
Anne Sexton, Patricia Highsmith, Richard Laymon, Flannery O'Connor, Shirley Jackson, Graham Greene, Angela Carter, Christa Faust, David J. Schow, and Skipp & Spector. Also Hal Hartley films.

Update: Glitter is also soon to be releasing Point Break 2: ""When Bodhi went under and drowned in that fifty year wave he left three cats behind, three cats that would go on their own adventure many years later…" I'm in!

Check out Kitty's Facebook page for updates and upcoming releases.

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