Seven Questions In Heaven With Black Bird White Sky's Ronnie Shingelo

CREDIT: Courtney Collins Photography
Today, we're spending Seven Questions In Heaven with Ronnie Shingelo, frontman and creator of Black Bird White Sky.

Describe your music for our readers who may not be familiar with you.
We are a five-piece electro-rock band that combines driving dance beats and soaring melodies with catchy synth hooks and guitar riffs. Kind of like Radiohead meets The Cure with a bit of Phoenix thrown in.

Who are your musical influences and idols?
So many, but if I had to name a few: Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Blonde Redhead, Jimmy Gnecco, Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Sade, Sam Cooke, and Fredric Chopin.

What was the first album, cassette, or CD you bought with your own money?
KISS, Alive!, and yes it was a cassette. In fact I still have it! What an exciting moment that was, thank you for reminding me! I walked with my friend through the woods on one Saturday afternoon to the next town over where I found a really cool boutique record store. I'll never forget that day!

You've described your music as emotional. Are the subject matters of your songs written from personal experiences?
Yes, all of them are written from personal experiences, but I sometimes twisted them or created a story that was parallel to the actual experience I was referencing in order to make them more general. That way perhaps more people could identify with the songs based on their own experiences with lust, infatuation, struggle with addiction, pain of loss, excitement and infiniteness of love.

CREDIT: Courtney Collins Photography
What is it about electro-rock that helps convey emotion?
It's that combination of the pure acoustic elements, like voice, acoustic guitar or piano layered with driving, rave-y synthetic beats and sound textures. Like the juxtaposition of a dark driving synth bass line with a beautiful haunting melody soaring over the top of it.

You do a lot of shows in NY, but do you have any plans for a larger tour coming up?
We are working on putting a tour together and hope to spread out beyond NYC by this fall. In the meantime, we are working towards getting onto festival bills and doing the Northeast circuit and eventually the whole East coast.

Would you rather have huge dance hits or huge "listen to after a break up" hits?
Great question, there is a fine distinction… I'd have to say that I am a hopeless romantic and I'd rather listen to "after a break up" hits. I think that stems from the type of person I generally am. I have always loved the darker, more passionate emotional music. Music that either made me feel when I was numb or music that made me forget my pain when I was struggling. I hope that when people discover Black Bird White Sky, they are able to get something deeperout of it. That definitely includes a romantic evening with a lover! That's why I chose the image of a black bird on a white sky, a tiny beautiful thing flying through a big white infinite space of possibility.

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