So Amped For Amy Heckerling's Vamps

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Once in a while there comes a film that seems like it was made by picking out parts of my brains and putting it together to make a movie specifically for me. At least, that's how I think the movie Vamps came about.

After being shown at various festivals, Anchor Bay has picked up the film for distribution. The film surrounds two NYC vampire party girls who decide to take a break from their partying and killing ways to try to settle down in relationships.

I know, I know. The whole vampire thing is so over that it's now a cliche, and the last thing the world needs is another rom-com. But check this out: it's written and directed by Amy Heckerling, of Clueless and Fast Times At Ridgemont High fame. Still not excited? What if I told you it stars Dan Stevens, a.k.a. plays the DREAMY Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey?

Oh, and a little someone called Alicia Silverstone and "it girl of the moment," Krysten Ritter? Not to mention Sigourney Weaver and Justin Kirk (the only good thing to come out of the ashes of the mess of a show called Weeds). Not to mention that Silverstone and Heckerling are working together for the first time since Clueless.

In my mind, I'm somehow imagining it to be like Clueless meets Earth Girls Are Easy. Alas. we'll have to wait until October for the film's official theatrical release. Don't let me down, Heckerling!

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