Top 25 Movies Of 1987 (Nos. 16-20)

For this week's Ranked!, we compiled the twenty-five greatest movies from twenty-five years ago, 1987. Tell us what you think when you get down to #1. And let us know if you would've ordered them differently.

Here are numbers 16-20:

20. Three Men And A Baby

Three Men And A Baby just might be the best thing to ever happen to 1987. There are many reasons why this movie made it to our list of Top 25 movies from 1987. Maybe it's the adorable baby Mary, or maybe it's watching three clueless bachelors talk about "doodles" and figuring out how old the baby is by "feeling her teeth". Whatever it is, it worked. Everyone and their mothers (literally) consider this movie a classic and a must-have to add to your DVD, Blu-Ray, Smart TV, Hulu, Netflix que, or whatever the hell everyone uses to watch movies these days. I can't exactly pinpoint what I love the most about this movie. It might be a combination of watching Tom Selleck's character buying baby food for the first time, the outrageous interior design of their bachelor pad that screams '80s, or it could be the very happy ending where baby Mary and her mom end up living with the guys (I'd love to know how that turned out). Actually, now that I think of it... what I love most about Three Men And A Baby is all that chest hair.--Air Bear

19. Some Kind Of Wonderful

My first thought, when listening this amongst my favorites, was simply that it's a John Hughes film and therefore amazing. I'm minorly obsessed with his work. But this one goes beyond growing up, as so many teenagers have, learning from his fantastic films. The description of the movie says it so well: "...they prove once and for all that you've got to risk a broken heart in order to find your one true love." It's comedy and teenage melodrama at its best, with charisma and chemistry bursting off the screen. People call it the reverse of Pretty In Pink, and even if that's so, it stands up right alongside it as a part of a collection of great teen films everyone should grow up on.--J-Hawke

18. Roxanne

Before reboots and re-imagining in Hollywood were the disappointing norm, Steve Martin took the high road by re-imagining a classic play (Cyrano de Bergerac) and putting his charming, Steve Martin stamp on it. What man possibly was not in love with Darryl Hannah in the eighties? And who wouldn't be won over by the charm of Steve Martin, despite his big, prosthetic nose? Of all the cheesy romantic comedies of the eighties, Roxanne was probably the most sincere and the most charming and contained some of the most memorable insults: "Say, who mows your nose hair?"--Robin

17. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction scared the crap out of me. I was fourteen and struggling to find my stride in the crazy world of dating. While the characters in Fatal Attraction were adults, living grown-up lives and making grown-up choices, I knew that it wasn't long before I'd be an adult too... and have to avoid psychotic women with a penchant for boiling bunnies. I've carried this lesson with me throughout my life. And, for the most part, have managed to steer clear of the crazy ones, thanks to being scared in the theater watching Fatal Attraction.--Daddy Geek Boy

16. Beverly Hills Cop II

Remember when Eddie Murphy was really, really funny? Remember when Judge Reinhold worked? This might have been the last time for both actors.--Archphoenix

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