Book Review: Dee Snider, Shut Up And Give Me The Mic

Dee Snider's autobiography, Shut Up And Give Me The Mic, details the rise and fall (and rise and fall and rise and fall) of Twisted Sister and his person struggles along the way. You'll find yourself rooting for Snider, even though you're already aware of the outcome.

The book deals with many important parts of Snider's life: his childhood, Twisted Sister, and his lifemate, his wife Suzette. Above all, Snider's love for his wife is evident throughout this tome and helps to paint Snider as the anti-rockstar: a frontman who doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, doesn't party, and who has been happily married for over 30 years.

But this ain't no love story. We learn that he and Suzette's relationship hasn't always been roses; there have been plenty of thorns as well. We also learn about the many highs and lows the band faced over the years, and the many false starts and glimpses of fame the band had before finally hitting the big time with the release of Stay Hungry. We learn of Snider's intense dedication to his art, as well as the people that helped Snider realize his dream (Motorhead's Lemmy, various producers and record company executives). Snider takes the reader along the way as he battles the PMRC, his bandmates, his demons, and obscurity for one hell of an entertaining ride!

Verdict: This book rocks!

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