Book Review: Plague Town

When I was offered a chance to review a zombie book, I was excited. When I learned that the author was in one of my all-time favorite films, Army of Darkness, I was REALLY excited, but nervous as the potential to suck was high. I'm glad to report that my nerves were wrong. Plague Town, by Dana Fredsti, is an incredibly fun, not to mention funny, zombie apocalypse story.

The story goes something like this: Ashley Parker is a college student in a small college town in a fictional Northern California town where they're having a problem with a pretty awful strain of flu. One afternoon Ashley goes on a picnic with her boyfriend and they run into, well, zombies. Ashley's bitten and collapses upon rescue. It turns out that Ashley is a one in a million kind of girl who is immune to the zombie virus, what the government calls a "wild card." She's now got enhanced abilities and is recruited by the government to help eradicate the zombies infecting her small town. She and several other people from the town, who also are identified as wild cards, go through zombie bootcamp (montage!) and earn mad zombie slaying skills. There are government conspiracies, zombies, ancient history (this is far from the first ever outbreak), and a bit of a twist. The overall story is seeping with snarky humor and pop culture references out the wazoo. In short, Dana Fredsti is my kind of woman. I mean, any story that has a quote from Big Trouble In Little China at the top of the prologue totally gets my vote. It's funny, scary, gory, sexy and goes a mile a minute.

If you're looking for a fun read, grab a copy of Plague Town. It's the first of a planned series and I for one cannot wait to get my non-rotting hands on book two.


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