Seven Questions In Heaven With Catch Wild

Today we're spending Seven Questions In Heaven with Catch Wild:

Describe your music for our readers who may not be familiar with you.
We are female-fronted rock with a pop edge. Generally, we don't like to compare ourselves to other bands, but we are told we are in the vein of Paramore and such. Take a listen and formulate your own opinion!

Who are your musical influences and idols?
Doug: Eric Clapton and Cream, Soundgarden, Bush, Mutemath, Incubus, Shades Apart, Pete Yorn, Stone Temple Pilots, and Rx Bandits.

Jess: Stevie Nicks for her undeniable uniqueness and strength; Chrissie Hynde for her badass; Sheryl Crow for her songwriting and simplicity; '80s Madonna for her resilience, creativity, and understanding of how to brand herself; Alicia Keys in her first few albums for her chilling passion, Songs In A minor I literally had in my car CD player for an entire year, one of my all time favorite albums; Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 for his perfectionism and attention to detail, it took something like eleven years to record that album (don't quote me on that number); Carole King; and Fiona Apple. These are really the artists I go to so I can breathe and feel normal. Oh yeah, I think I have to give it up to early Mariah Carey. Emotions, I'm pretty sure that album taught me how to sing.

Swinny: Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Mutemath.

What was the first album, cassette, or CD you bought with your own money?
Doug: Bush's Sixteen Stone and Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise.

Jess: Green Day's Dookie.

Swinny: Inner Circle's Bad To The Bone. The song "Bad Boys" from Cops has a killer bassline.

What's the story behind your band's name?
It was just a product of some wordplay, we wanted a two-word name and we knew we were catchy and loved the word wild, hence Catch Wild. Or a combination of Catcher In The Rye and Where The Wild Things Are, whichever is easier to believe.

This question's for Jessica: are there times when being the only female in the band is a bad thing? A good thing?
I honestly never even notice that I am the only girl in the band. The guys fart and burp in front of me so I feel like my lady stature goes right out the window when we are together, which is good because it creates an environment of equality.

You guys recorded your upcoming album by raising $5,000 through Kickstarter and then hunkering down in the studio for eleven days. What were the sessions like? What was it like recording so fast and furiously? Was there anything you wished you could have done differently?
Spending every day at Big Blue Meanie studios was a dream come true because we got to work on our album all day, every day. We did move very quickly, and drank a lot of coffee, but we were prepared for that going into it. We knew what songs we were going to record, what parts we were going to play, and where we might have some room to experiment. It was the greatest experience of our lives and we wouldn't change a second of it other than wishing we had more time! Jessica only had two days for vocals, Doug only had three days for guitar, Swin only had one day for bass, and there was only two days for set up and drum tracking and two days for final touch-ups. That's only 9 days! We would love nothing more than to have a good 3-6 months to record an album. With that said, the crew at Big Blue Meanie Studios are some of the coolest people on the planet and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. They all mirrored our intense work ethic and we couldn't have done it without them or our generous Kickstarter backers!

Where do you hope to find the band one year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now?
There are a lot more late nights, big shows, and new music to come from Catch Wild. We just hope everyone has as much fun as we do while were doing it.

One year: recording our next record and touring opening for a national act.

Five years: headlining our own national tour with at least two albums under our belt.

Ten years: we don't like to think that far ahead.

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