Short Changed

According to an ad I got from Forever 21 a couple weeks ago (Forever 21: the height of the fashion industry), the '90s are back! But when you walk into the store there is still '80s neon everywhere so I'm not holding out that '90s grunge is being embraced into the fashion pool just yet. Maybe it has a toe in. Maybe. (Enough for a series on dainty florals and plaid? Hmmm.)

Anywho, apparently shorts that are so short the pockets are hanging out are being laid on the '90s doorstep. Now I don't remember this being exclusively a '90s fashion trend, but it could be that I was so horrified by the pockets in general that I blocked all memories of their birth. (I've also blocked out huge amounts of butt crack, boxers showing above baggy jeans, and that whole "let me show off my cute thong" trend. Do you see an area theme here?)

The new shorts-with-pockets-showing have been "updated" to include pockets of contrasting fabrics. It's so very fashion forward of Daisy Duke. Here an example in plaid, just to really carry out the '90s theme:

These are floral! So you're not quite sure if those are pockets or just someone's granny panties hanging out the bottom.

They're also updating them in bright colors. With loafers! That makes them office ready.

I'm also disturbed by the hint of cropped hem t-shirts represented here. (Short t-shirts? No!) Also? Trashy needs to stop co-opting lace.

So what do you all think? Did this trend start in the '90s? Do we want it back? And which '90s trend would you like to see come back or disappear forever?

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