CD Review: Alphanaut, Little Sun

Little Sun is the second album by Alphanaut (Mark Alan) and the album is a tribute to his dog, Dingo, who passed away after a long battle with canine leukemia. Many of the songs are told from Dingo's point of view. And yeah, that sounds kind of weird, but as a woman who's kind of obsessed with her dog, I totally get it. The loss of a dog is like a family member dying and this is Mark Alan's way of grieving.

And it's a lovely kind of grief. He does a lot of interesting things with sound - beautiful piano and trumpets - and some of the songs are a bit more electronica (think Moby or BT-ish). The album is incredibly well produced and very polished.

I think one of the more accessible songs is "Back To The Stars" and he's released a lovely video for it:

I dug the sound of the album and am interested to hear what's next for Alphanaut. The album is out today on iTunes. He's donating a chunk of the sales to help find a cure for canine cancer.

If you want to read more about the album itself, he's put a ton of information (lyrics, song background, etc.) up on his website. Click around - there's some interesting stuff.

Fly on, little Dingo. You were clearly loved!

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