CD Review: Johnny Hickman, "Tilting"

Tilting marks the second album from Johnny Hickman, Cracker's co-founder and lead guitarist. Seven-word review: if you dig Cracker, you'll dig Tilting.

I've always been a huge fan of Cracker; I've seen them live more often than other band. Some of my favorite tracks are when Hickman wrestles the mic away from David Lowery (most notably, "Wedding Day" from 1998's Gentleman's Blues). Hickman's Cracker tunes always had a humorous, cynical edge to them. The same can be said for Tilting.

Favorite tracks: "Measure Of A Man," "Destiny Misspent," the cynical "Not Enough," "Dream Along With Me," "Another Road," and my favorite track on the album, "Sick Cynthia Thing."

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