Clad In The Red, White, And Blue

For the Fourth of July, we're looking at some patriotic fashion. There are some people who make dressing patriotically look good. For example, here are Ke$ha and Katy Perry looking pretty damn cute in their red, white, and blues.

But let's be honest, for the rest of us sporting the stars and stripes tends to look downright cheesy. Spirited maybe, even fun, but not sexy rock star (damn you Ke$ha and Katy!). Which is why most of us stick with a good old flag t-shirt. Maybe some accessories. Not to mention that it is really hard for most of us to rock large stripes in a brilliant color.

Such as... what I've always dreamed my butt could look like.

And check it out, it doesn't work too good with stars either. (I think the combat boots are supposed to mitigate the clown effect.)

Nothing screams "America!" more than an athletic suit. Olympics! (Which is probably the only time you could jog around the block in these without getting seriously razzed.)

I'm not sure if she's more sad about the oversized shirt or her sad excuse for a wig.

Some platforms if you want to keep your American pride "subtle" and funky!

And finally, nothing shows you support America more than wearing... well... America on your face. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Happy Independence Day! Try not to blind anyone.

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