First Look: Life Of Pi

In the wake of Avatar, there's been a lot of 3D movies. And in a lot of them, the use of 3D has been pretty crappy. For every Hugo, there's many Prometheuses or Spider-Men, whose use of 3D feels like an afterthought even though it's one of the main elements being marketed.

Personally, I'm a fan of 3D--when it's used well. Good 3D can enhance a movie by giving a theater-bound audience a richer experience. (Anyone who's seen How To Train Your Dragon in 3D will agree that those flying sequences were spectacular.)

The release of Ang Lee's adaptation of the bestselling book Life Of Pi is imminent. Lee is a quality filmmaker who pays attention to details and has said to have taken 3D into account when crafting his movie. I saw a five-minute extended preview in 3D and it was breathtaking. There is a scene in the movie where fish began flying at the protagonist and I literally ducked in my seat.

3D aside, the movie looks gorgeous and riveting. Have a look for yourself:

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