Bizarre Television Moments: Stephanie Calls Kimmy a WHAT?

There's never been any love lost between Kimmy and Stephanie in Full House, but Stephanie really doesn't hold back in this cleverly-punned insult.

Wait, what? Did Stephanie just call Kimmy a WHORE? Now, upon further review, it seems that Stephanie was probably meaning to say HORROR-scope, as in Kimmy's face is a HORROR, but we can't unhear it. No doubt the director also noticed the similarity, but probably kept it in for the adults to find amusement.

Considering Bob Saget's comedy was pretty R-rated to begin with, I am sure that wasn't the most scandalous thing said on the set. I love watching this blooper real, where the adults are raunchier than a high school locker room. Language is NSFW, obviously.

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