A Heathers TV Show Would Be (Corn) Nuts

Were you a fan of Heathers? Like me, do you think Heathers is one of the greatest high school movies of all time?

Prepare to be horrified.

Bravo, the station responsible for unleashing a horde of housewives upon an unsuspecting public, is working on a modernized Heathers television show in which Veronica Sawyer's daughter finds herself in the crosshairs of a teenage mean girl circle known as The Ashleys.

No, really!

Bravo execs, if you're reading this, please don't go through with this. Leave it alone. Remake Jawbreaker instead. It's similar. Plus, I don't think anyone actually liked that movie.

But if you must go through with the Heathers remake, PLEASE cast Shannen Doherty as the mom of the head Ashley. I can't be the only one wishing to see her in something other than those damn Education Connection commercials.


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