Culture Consumption: Wendy James, Brooklyn Brothers, The Office, Kate Upton, And Unicorn Porn

Hello and welcome to Culture Consumption, my weekly look at the best of pop culture!

Song Of The Week
Wendy James, "You're So Great"

Album Of The Week
Brooklyn Brothers, The Album
The Brooklyn Brothers are actors Ryan O'Nan and Michael Weston. But don't let the actor tags scare you off. Here's another thing that sets them apart from lots of other bands: some of their instruments are toys. The end result is a funny, folky, indie rock album with sounds that you might hear coming out of your kids' playroom.
Consume Now: "Come On Girl," "278 (Airport)," and "Faster Than Aeroplanes"

Television Show Of The Week
The Office
Was the first episode of the The Office's final season the best show on television last week? Not even close! But you know what this episode gave me? Hope that the show's swan song won't be an entire waste of my time. Don't get me wrong, the show still has problems: Kevin still has the mentality and problem-solving skills of a four-year-old and Dwight, instead of being a serviceable foil to Jim, is still an exaggerated version of his former self, very unfunny comedy relief. But this episode brought some interesting story lines: Oscar and The Senator are now an item, Jim is suffering from a midlife crisis and is looking to get out of the rut, and Andy has grown a backbone and is bent on making Nellie's life a living hell until she quits.

Weirdest Thing To End Up In My Inbox This Week
I really have no idea what this is. It might be unicorn porn. Or a 4H recruitment video. All I know is it stars Kate Upton.

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