Let's Leave Amanda Bynes Alone, Shall We?

Amanda Bynes has not had it good for the past few months: repeated DUIs, drug use, suspected mental problems; in other words, a story that makes the trashy media go insane. A former child actress, "it" girl, and young woman making stupid mistakes that threaten to ruin her promising career. Sound like someone else you know? Hey everyone, let's let what happened to Lindsay Lohan be a lesson to us all.

Listen, I'm not saying that Lindsay (or Amanda) should not be responsible for their actions. But let's face it: Amanda Bynes is dealing with some addiction and behavioral issues, and the constant cycle of media circus is not going to help her get better. Lindsay was obviously struggling from fame at an early age, and the drug problems were a source of that. But when she tried to do anything about it, the media was all over it. Tried to go to rehab? She was shamed for it. Tried to hang out with friends? She was shamed for it. I'd also venture to say that the constant public scrutiny contributed to her addiction issues. She couldn't win. The masses love a story of a damaged person on a downward spiral more than supporting someone getting help.

Here's to hoping that Amanda Bynes gets some help and support. Not only because she is a human who deserves help, but also because she is an incredibly promising comedic actress. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I thought she made She's The Man much less worse than it could have been. She especially shined in 2007's movie version of the musical Hairspray, and the Penny Pingleton role was perfect for her. If she can get herself together, I think she can make it on pure talent and possibly even find herself on Saturday Night Live or a similar gig that shows off her talents in physical comedy.

Not to mention the double standard: right now, Prince Henry is in the tabloids for being a "hard partier" and the general sentiment is that "boys will be boys" and it's laughed off as a stage, whereas we salivate at any sort of shaming we can do of Amanda Bynes and other young women dealing with substance abuse.

Here's hoping that the media will lay off and let her find the help she needs. Amanda, I have faith in you!


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