SmackTalk Victim: Cat Power, "Cherokee"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Cat Power's "Cherokee." Hope ya love it!

Chris: Fair is fair, Billie Jean!

Archphoenix: Ok, four seconds in I'm going with this prediction: at some point there will be zombies in this desert because they are so hot right now. Cherokee zombies.

Dufmanno: I'm not sure why this is bothering me, but I feel like she should have her wallet in her back pocket and not on the ground like that because Desert Gypsies or Mad Max or Toe Cutter could get hold of it.

Chris: The desert: the last place you can freely smoke in America.

Archphoenix: Post-apocalyptic desert and you have a shiny super soaker? On the one hand, hey, water! On the other hand, really?

Chris: Zombies!

Archphoenix: Called it!

Chris: No way Billie Jean is getting the money for that moped now.

Dufmanno: No stay in the desert is complete without a mind-altering visit to the Native American Indian tribe. Also, they apparently still live out in the open and like campfires.

Archphoenix: Oh man, a crystal? Seriously? Hippies will be the FIRST to go in a zombie apocalypse.

Dufmanno: Finding crystals + heavy meditation = flashback of my wedding?

Chris: This would be a good time to hide, Billie Jean.

Chris: See? Even the lady with the bulldog thinks you need to duck.

Archphoenix: I like how she thinks that her black outfit and ducking halfway down in the MIDDLE of the street will totally hide her.

Dufmanno: Hugging it out in the warm glow of a desert sunset. Miraculously, we've all forgotten about the dog and the guy bleeding out on the ground. I feel the need to visit Zuma Beach.

Chris: The hell just happened?

Archphoenix: Chris, I don't think they even know what just happened.

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