Bret Easton Ellis: Famed Novelist, Screenwriter, And Nasty Tweeter

Ever since I heard The Canyons was going to be made, I have been out of my skin excited. The idea is pure Bret Easton Ellis, the casting is both genius and ironic, and now it seems the filmmakers are creating a meta-awareness of making a movie about Hollywood. Originally billed to be a dark drama, this current trailer goes the way of a pulp story.

I first read American Psycho in 1998 when I was still in college, and it blew my mind. I was a women's studies major, so I was conflicted with my obsession over this novel. One of the most violent, misogynist, graphic novels ever suddenly made me fall in love with literature. The author, Bret Easton Ellis, became a literary sensation at age twenty-one with the nihilist, depressing Less Than Zero, which established him as the author with the monopoly on writing about the empty, self-loathing of the incredibly wealthy and good-looking. I quickly devoured his four other novels, chastising myself that it took so long for me to discover my literary god.

However, after his 1998 novel Glamorama, there was a stretch of seven years before his next novel, Lunar Park, was published. The late nineties was still at the beginning of the internet, so not much was known about Ellis, and I always wondered how such a person could have such a sick, twisted, but brilliant mind. I mean, if you couldn't find anyone on the internet, they may as well been a recluse.

Fast forward fifteen years and the rise of Twitter, which Ellis seemed to latch onto and has never looked back. His tweets are equal parts bitchy, honest, controversial, intellectual, and sardonic. For a while, he was incessantly tweeting about his desire to adapt the most famous mommy-porn book in the world, Fifty Shades Of Grey, and shared his stream of consciousness and most recently, expressed his annoyance at the selection of writer Kelly Marcel to adapt the screenplay:

If you thought that was a bit, say, not very polite, it's not unusual for Ellis. Let's take a journey through his "just callin' it as I see it" Twitter tantrums of late. I really, really, want to hang out with him and make snarky quips about everything and everyone together.

I think he should host the Oscars.

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