CD Review: Dirty Dancing, The Deluxe Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe that Dirty Dancing is 25 years old. Let that sink in all: TWENTY FIVE YEARS.

Now that we all feel old, let's move on to the real meat of the business. In honor of the anniversary, there's a new edition of the soundtrack available where much of the content was voted on by fans. The package contains a nice booklet full of liner notes and behind-the-scenes interviews, photo cards, an awesome sticker that would look rad on my Trapper Keeper, and is wrapped up in a pretty little booklet. And of course, the real gift is the album. I had that album on cassette and it was on heavy rotation back in the day. Classic '80s soundtrack.

It's on sale in a multitude of placess including Amazon, so if you're into this kind of thing, pick it up.

And because I'm feeling nostalgic for Patrick Swayze now, here's his hit song "She's Like The Wind," which he actually co-wrote. Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, adorable... love ya, Patrick!

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