Culture Consumption: The Burning Of Rome And Mixtapes

Hello and welcome to Culture Consumption, my weekly look at the best of pop culture!

Song Of The Week
The Burning Of Rome, "Norman Bates" (NSFW)

Album Of The Week
Mixtapes, How To Throw A Successful Party
I had never heard of Mixtapes six months ago; since then, I've fallen head over heels for the band. They are simply amazing, pop-punk perfection. How To Throw A Successful Party was originally given as a free download with preorders for 2011's Maps & Companions, but on October 30th, you'll be able to purchase the nine-track acoustic album. If you were a fan of Even On The Worst Nights, you'll love this too.

Favorite tracks: "6 P.M. (How To Enjoy The Scenic Route)," "10 P.M. (Safe)," and the anthem "5 A.M. (How To Throw A Successful Party)"

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