Pod-Fascination: The Morning After And How Did This Get Made?

Each week, I recommend two podcasts that are worth your time, as well as plug my own podcast.

The Morning After Podcast
I've only recently discovered The Morning After, but only after a few listens I like what I hear. Comedians Eli Olsberg and Jake Weisman invite one comedian and one adult film star to talk about relationships, sex, and experience in the industry. It's a "porn star guest" different from say, Howard Stern, in that the performer shares insights and experiences from the adult film industry. My third-wave feminist self enjoys the personal empowerment stories, and my curiosity likes hearing the "industry" talk.

Don't download this looking to get off, unless your thing is neurotic Jewish comedians talking about relationships. Which, fortunately, is my thing. The hosts do a great job of keeping conversation funny but still meaningful, but still seem to be enjoying the fact that they have the top tier of the industry as their guests, including Kayden Kross, Stoya, James Deen, and others. The comedian guests range from engaged and insightful to acting giddy from being around a "porn star," but like any other interview format, the quality of the podcast episode is dependent on the quality of the guest.

How Did This Get Made?
There's no need to explain why HDTGM is a fantastic listen every time. Bad movies are fun to talk about, expecially with funny people who enjoy them. The always brilliant Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael (both from my favorite show NTSF:SD:SUV) and Jason Mantzoukas (scene-stealer from The League) and a guest from the world of comedy or film try to answer the titular question. Some because the film is so bad (Catwoman, Super Mario Brothers, Barb Wire, I Know Who Killed Me) or some because, although the film is enjoyable, it's a miracle someone gave it the go-ahead (Crank 2: High Voltage, Fast Five, Sucker Punch).

Even at a minimum, an hour of "hey, what was with that scene? That was crazy?" would be enjoyable, but the three personalities of the hosts and their dynamics really bring this podcast as a standout from most. Paul points out the ridiculous filmmaker choices, Jason usually displays inappropriate amounts of anger about a movie, and June often tries to really understand the plot and almost try and defend the filmmaker's choices (see: the twenty-minute discussion of the "pasta-powered robot" in Judge Dredd.)

The subject of the upcoming podcast is announced a week in advance, giving fans a chance to watch the film before the main podcast, which is a treat for bad movie fans because you can eagerly anticipate what they will touch on, but I've also found it fun to watch the said movie after the podcast, to pick up on the scenes that were already discussed. Heck, this podcast still brings enjoyment without having seen the movie.

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