SmackTalk Victim: Hyper Crush, "Bad Boyz"

Hello and welcome to SmackTalk, where we attack mock critique a music video or movie trailer. This week, we're taking a look at the music video for Hyper Crush's "Bad Boyz." Hope ya love it!

Archphoenix: Has anyone ever actually seen a nerd with taped up-glasses?

Robin: Especially not a nerd who has perfect bone structure like this guy.

Archphoenix: Hey I'd heard MySpace was making a comeback!

Chris: Finally! I was wondering when we'd get around to SmackTalking some porn!

Chris: So a priest and a ninnja walk into a bar...

Archphoenix: ...and then get drunk and dance on a beach?

Robin: You guys, that's totally a green screen. Did they think we wouldn't notice?

Chris: Cool! I haven't seen FX like this since my friends and I made a video in that Six Flags booth in 1994.

Archphoenix: Oh God, I was thinking the same thing. All that's missing is the air-brushed torn t-shirt.

Robin: It reminds me of when you win at solitaire and the cards shoot out all crazy!

Archphoenix: That's totally Cobra Kai right?

Chris: Get him a body bag!

Chris: Ok. You've got a woman in a bathing suit, a tiger, stacks of gold, and a guy in a skeleton suit. Are we sure this isn't an MIA video?

Archphoenix: I was just thinking that the only cliched imagery missing from this was a dude posing with a gun. Ding!

Chris: Ok. What the hell does Taxi Driver have to do with any of this?

Robin: It took me this long to realize that there are TWO guys in this "band." They look alike. White people, am I right?

Archphoenix: I wish that the song was Hyper Color and Hyper Crush. Because Tits McGee here could totally rock the Hyper Color shirt. With naughty hand prints on her chest.

Robin: You guys, I'm just not sure where she wants the bad boys to go. With her? With him? She just doesn't say it enough!

Chris: Maybe it was the ninjas. Maybe it was Skeletor. Maybe it was her breasts. (It was probably her breasts.) But I think I actually like this song now.

Archphoenix: Nope, they're trying to be LMFAO but they're not. Cobra Kai shout-out doesn't help.

Robin: This video is like if Ed Hardy impregnated Lisa Frank.

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