Exclusive Download: A Girl I Know, "Bang Bang Bang (Dirticow Remix)"

Hey gang! We've got something really cool for you today: a download of A Girl I Know's "Bang Bang Bang" remixed by Dirticow. But first, a bit about the track and the artists:
A Girl I Know, the group consisting of actress Carolina Hoyos and actor and musical partner Kenneth Franklin, along with the help of Jeremiah Bitsui (known from the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad), join forces with the infamous Dirticow, who remixes the third in the series of their debut hit, "Bang Bang Bang." Dirticow has worked with Tiesto and Crystal Method as well as created music for movies, TV shows, and video games such as Fast And Furious, Saturday Night Live, Behind Enemy Lines, and more. A Girl I Know has been gaining a great deal of critical attention and have already gone viral with their colorful new video for the original track. With a sound that blends Hoyos's pop-perfect voice with beats reminiscent of the lovechild of M.I.A. and Beck, Dirticow takes the song to a whole new level. Smooth tones fill the room as this stunning remix will quickly grab the attention of your ears. The combination of Dirticow and A Girl I Know is one word: lethal.
So give a listen to A Girl I Know's "Bang Bang Bang (Dirticow Remix)" below and then hit Download to grab the mp3!

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