Yuletides & Stage Dives Spotlight: Call Me Anything, "Holiday"

The Catalyst Publicity Group has teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation, a nonprofit breast cancer organization, to bring you Yuletides & Stage Dives, a forty-track charity mixtape. The collection contains a healthy mix of original Christmas tunes, songs you might already be familiar with, and some unreleased gems as well. Yuletides & Stage Dives is only available from December 5th to December 28th, so you need to act fast if you want to download some cool tunes for a great cause.

To help them get the word out, we're highlighting six of the acts and their songs this week. We'll be asking them about the song they donated to the cause, what drew them to the project, and their favorite holiday songs.

Here's Will Tenney from Call Me Anything with their song, "Holiday:"

Tell us about "Holiday."
"Holiday" is a really special song to me mostly because we went about it in such an unorthodox way. Right before our record Celebrity was about to drop, Matt and I both got this terrible feeling that it was missing something. We discussed a ton of different song ideas, and what we could possibly do to fill the gap, but I had a very specific idea in mind. I ended up going down to the studio quickly for two days and just knocking it out by myself. The song is about making the trek back home, and finding ways to deal with the fact that everybody grows in different directions. You may never see some of your high school friends again, and they may never see you. I figured the only thing I could do on my holiday was write a love song.

What drew you to this project?
I think we were drawn to this project not only because it supports such a great cause, but because of the awesome people putting it together. Everybody at KAB and Catalyst are so great, and it feels great to work with people who do so much good in the world. After doing some work for Adam Braun's Pencils Of Promise charity this past summer, I think we both felt that helping out was something we needed to do more often (AND a bunch of our talented friends are on the compilation as well!).

What's your all-time favorite holiday song and why?
My favorite non-traditional holiday song is definitely "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" by Blink-182. Those dudes are hilarious and undeniably catchy. That being said, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" by Bruce Springsteen always reminds me of home. When I was little, I'd play along to it on the piano while my family decorated the tree.

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