Yuletides & Stage Dives Spotlight: Life After Liftoff, "The Getaway"

The Catalyst Publicity Group has teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation, a nonprofit breast cancer organization, to bring you Yuletides & Stage Dives, a forty-track charity mixtape. The collection contains a healthy mix of original Christmas tunes, songs you might already be familiar with, and some unreleased gems as well. Yuletides & Stage Dives is only available from December 5th to December 28th, so you need to act fast if you want to download some cool tunes for a great cause.

To help them get the word out, we're highlighting six of the acts and their songs this week. We'll be asking them about the song they donated to the cause, what drew them to the project, and their favorite holiday songs.

Here's Lee Weiss from Life After Liftoff with their song, "The Getaway:"

Tell us about "The Getaway."
The song that we contributed to the compilation is called "The Getaway." It is a track filled with a positive message of self love and trusting yourself even during the darkest of times. We felt this track was the perfect fit for the compilation.

What drew you to this project?
My mother has always dealt with medical problems and my girlfriend's mother battled breast cancer so this was the easiest decision to make. We also support Keep A Breast so anything we can do to raise money for the fantastic organization, we will do what it takes.

What's your all-time favorite holiday song and why?
My all time favorite holiday song is "I won't Be Home For Christmas" by Blink-182 just because the song puts you in such a great mood and even during a very family-oriented time it makes you laugh and not be so serious :)

More Life After Liftoff: Official | Facebook | Twitter

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