Pod-Fascination: Professor Blastoff

Each week, I recommend podcasts worth your time.

Professor Blastoff
Professor Blastoff covers all topics related to science, philosophy, psychology, and the paranormal, with the conspicuous warning that none of the three hosts (Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger) are experts. In fact, that is the basis of the podcast. If you are looking for some solid, factual information, this podcast will probably drive you crazy.

Even though they may not have the answers, it's the search to find them which is the most entertaining. Friendly teasing, personal anecdotes, and celebrity impersonations by Dunnigan have made for some of the funniest and touching moments during my busy podcast listening schedule.

You may know comedian Tig Notaro from her poignant stand-up special from earlier this year in which she openly talks about her recent cancer diagnosis. This, along with the death of her mother earlier than the year, is discussed on the podcast under the topic of health and recovery. Like going through any life crisis, humor can be a powerful way to deal with it, and it's fun to be in it with the three hosts who are obviously great friends and care about each other.

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